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Cleaning, Maintenance,
& Graffiti Removal

Sidewalk & Gutter Sweeping:

Our ambassadors sweep litter, debris, and junk throughout the District. We also remove paper signs, stickers, and taped or glued handbills on properties, utility boxes, poles, and other infrastructure.

Submit a service request here.
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Pressure Washing:

Pressure washing is done weekly on the sidewalks and in areas where requested within the district. 


Graffiti Removal:

Our Ambassadors remove graffiti by painting, using solvent, and pressure washing. We attempt to remove all graffiti within 48-72 hours on weekdays. While we try our best to match the color, property owners are more than welcome to supply us with the exact color. Please use our contact form to request graffiti removal on private property.

Submit a service request here.
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