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Landscaping, Placemaking,
& Beautification


OAA is responsible for maintaining the plants and trees within the Community Benefit District. Ocean Avenue features several street trees, including Brisbane Box, Queen Anne Palm, and others. 


There are many sidewalk gardens along Ocean Avenue and on its side streets. These gardens, planted by OAA, contain native plants and help San Francisco’s ecosystem by collecting rainwater in areas previously covered by nonpermeable concrete. OAA hires landscapers to regularly maintain the district's sidewalk gardens and other planted areas.

Plant Pots


To make Ocean Avenue walkable and attractive to visitors and residents, OAA identifies opportunities for placemaking and implements improvements where possible. In recent years, OAA has landscaped the city-owned land at Ocean and Geneva Avenues and has directed the city government to install street furniture, plants, and decorative pavement at pedestrian-oriented intersections.

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Befitting a first-rate San Francisco neighborhood, Ingleside has its public art gems, from the mosaic Sun Spheres at Ocean and Granada to Ingleside Terrace’s Sundial. OAA strives to build up Ocean Avenue’s public art by establishing murals, sculpture, lighting, and decorative landscaping.


OAA is proud to have commissioned the large-scale “Welcome to Ocean Avenue” mural at Ocean and Geneva Avenues, which greets travelers from Balboa Park Bart Station and I-280 to Ocean Avenue.

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