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In order to keep Ocean Avenue clean and free from litter and graffiti, OAA has an ongoing sanitation contract with CleanScapes, a Recology company. Two uniformed street cleaning personnel work on Ocean Avenue between Manor Drive to Frida Kahlo Way from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. six days a week. Cleanscapes personnel sweep sidewalks, remove graffiti, pick up litter from curbs and gutters, report illegal dumping and bulky items to 311, and pressure wash sidewalks and streetcar boarding islands.

Additionally, the stretch of Ocean Avenue between Frida Kahlo Way and Interstate 280 receives cleaning services three days per week. City College of San Francisco and Lick-Wilmerding High School are located in this area. Monthly cleaning reports can be found on our Resources page under Street Cleaning Reports.

To submit a street cleaning request, contact Executive Director Pierre Smit at 650-273-6223 or



As part of OAA’s sanitation contract with CleanScapes, OAA coordinates with CleanScapes personnel to proactively remove graffiti on commercial buildings, sidewalks, public amenities, and street furniture. CleanScapes responds to requests for graffiti removal within 24 hours, helping businesses and property owners keep their facilities in good shape and comply with the city government.


Our monthly cleaning reports contain pictures of graffiti abatement and can be found on our Resources page under Street Cleaning Reports.

OAA staff is always available to coordinate graffiti removal upon request. To report graffiti on a building or other surface, contact Executive Director Pierre Smit at 650-273-6223 or


A fun and lively commercial corridor like Ocean Avenue owes its positive atmosphere to the hard-working merchants who operate the street’s businesses. OAA provides one-on-one assistance with business owners in lease negotiation, compliance and permitting, and applying for the San Francisco Legacy Business Registry to ensure those businesses can thrive and grow with the community.

OAA also offers referral and consultation for business planning, marketing assistance, financial projections and analysis, loan packaging, help with commercial acquisition, site identification, bookkeeping, budgeting, accounting, and retail merchandising. If you would like assistance with your business, send an inquiry to, and we will gladly assist you.



OAA is responsible for the maintenance of the plants and trees within the Community Benefit District. Ocean Avenue features several types of street trees, including Brisbane Box, Queen Anne Palm, and others. OAA has a contract with Arborist Now for annual pruning maintenance of street trees.


There are many sidewalk gardens along Ocean Avenue and on its side streets. These gardens, planted by OAA, contain native plants and help San Francisco’s ecosystem by collecting rainwater in areas previously covered by nonpermeable concrete. OAA hires landscapers to provide regular maintenance to the sidewalk gardens and other planted areas in the district.



In order to make Ocean Avenue walkable and attractive to visitors and residents, OAA identifies opportunities for placemaking and implements improvements where possible. In recent years, OAA has landscaped the city-owned land at Ocean and Geneva Avenues and has directed the city government to install street furniture, plants, and decorative pavement at pedestrian-oriented intersections.


You can get involved in OAA’s placemaking efforts by attending a meeting of OAA’s Street Life Committee, which meets every second Wednesday of the month. More information can be found on our Meetings page.



Befitting a first-rate San Francisco neighborhood, Ingleside has its gems of public art, from the mosaic Sun Spheres at Ocean and Granada to Ingleside Terrace’s Sundial. OAA strives to build up Ocean Avenue’s public art by establishing murals, sculpture, lighting, and decorative landscaping.


OAA is proud to have commissioned the large-scale “Welcome to Ocean Avenue” mural at Ocean and Geneva Avenues, which greets travelers who are coming from Balboa Park Bart Station and I-280 to Ocean Avenue.

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