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Celebrating Creativity: Allison Smith's First Solo Art Reception at OAA

On May 24, the Ocean Avenue Association (OAA) office was abuzz with excitement as we hosted the first solo art reception for the talented local artist, Allison Smith. This event marked a significant milestone in Allison's artistic journey, and her reflections on the experience revealed the depth of her passion and gratitude.

Allison Smith, brimming with excitement, shared that this was her first-ever art show. "I’m so happy to have been able to showcase my art to friends, family, and the lovely neighborhood," she said. Initially, she felt a bit odd when people congratulated her, admitting to pre-show jitters about attendance and presentation. However, the outpouring of congratulations filled her with a wave of accomplishment, transforming her nervousness into a sense of pride. Being able to tell people that her art was on public display was a new and thrilling experience for her.

The reception was a heartwarming event, largely due to the presence of her friends, family, and supportive community members. "They supported my true love; painting and drawing," Allison recounted. The time flew by as she chatted with both familiar and new faces, and it was particularly touching to see everyone appreciating her and her family’s artwork. The event created a lively and welcoming atmosphere that underscored the significance of community support in the arts.

Allison expressed deep gratitude for the OAA's role in her artistic journey. "The OAA is super nice and supportive. I was welcomed to show my art," she noted. She praised the space provided by the OAA and their focus on numerous art projects that enhance the Ocean Avenue area. t

In her concluding thoughts, Allison extended a heartfelt thank you to both the Ocean Avenue Association and the community. "I’m happy to know these people," she said. "They always have some fun things coming along, and it's exciting to hear about the next new project."

We at OAA are thrilled to have been a part of this wonderful event and look forward to supporting many more local artists in the future.Allison Smith's exhibition is available for view during OAA office hours. This exhibition also holds a few artworks from Matthew Smith. Stay tuned for more exciting events and updates from the Ocean Avenue Association!

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