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Ciccio Boles Open Studio at OAA (SFOS 2023)

i paint, therefore i paint. - ciccio boles

The OAA was pleased to host Ciccio Boles for the San Francisco Open Studios (10.26 - 10.29), an art event coordinated by ArtSpan. The weekend opening was followed by an exhibition that spanned through 12.7.2023.

With the momentum and drive from the past two art exhibitions in the office, it was a no-brainer to provide Ciccio with our space to showcase his pleasant but captivating artwork. During the period of the weekend open studio and exhibition, we got to connect closer with the artist himself, who is also a neighborhood native, a father, and an all-around great guy as well.

The OAA is very proud of the outcome of this exhibition, as it was Ciccio Bole's first step out as an artist. Not only was his art well received, but Ciccio successfully sold most of the pieces that were displayed, most notably the three continuous pieces, "Dance Mom," "The Big Show," and "Dancer & Friend."

Ciccio went on to have his own solo exhibition at San Francisco's Maybaum Gallery. Follow Ciccio's work here.

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